Emanuel Ciobanica


"My contemporary painting practice revolves around the theme of introspection.

I'm reacting to a drive of expressing certain states of mind and clarify feelings.

My current practice serves as a medium of discovery in terms of what I may currently be going through on a subconscious level. I feel it's a way of communicating with myself, as well as sharing my experiences with the world."

- Emanuel  C. (Interview 03/2015)

Emanuel is a Toronto based artist working in a wide range of media, including sculpture, painting, textile, murals, and installation. She has been practicing art for fifteen years, she won third place in an international painting competition at eleven years old, and has recently won the Willowdale Painting Excellence Award and self-directed residency in 2015, and has had many international exhibitions, including Canada, U.K., France, Romania and U.S.. She was also one of the artists that worked on the longest painted canvas (3,464.1 meters) established by Guinness book of world records in 2006. Her current work has been featured in the coming movie “Opening Night”(2012), published in Art Out magazine(2011). Her most recent series explores the process of physical/psychological healing, memory and how the body adapts to the environment. Numerous of her public art commissions can be found across the GTA. However, her main focus remains personal expression, introspection and giving form to her inner world through different mediums.

Artist Statement:

By combining the classical beauty, philosophy and artistic technique acquired in my years of study in Europe, and the contemporary conceptual/emotional perspective of artistic knowledge acquired in the West, I have achieved a negotiated unity of two different worlds. Within my practice I incorporate many different art historical landmarks of style that inspire and guide me to new possibilities, I make use of elements from the rich past and diverse present in order to envision a possible artistic future. Pushing the artistic envelope further, while having a strong foundation in the past is the only way to launch new successful artistic concept. I am strongly influenced by the materiality and the effect of the medium, and how it can inform the viewer. I'm influenced by Abstract Expressionists like, Jules Olitski, Jack Bush and Helen Frankenthaler, as well as the Contructivist and Surrealist Automatist movements. I have a diverse creative drive that pushes me to try new ways of expressing myself. I am interested in the process of teaching, sharing and learning art as a way to constantly evolve and as an artist, energize artistic pursuits, and help individuals connect with art on a deeper level.

My current series, titled Exoskeleton, is the first step towards a new body of work that explores the concept of healing and strength. It talks about the skin’s adaptive nature as it builds a hard protective layer when dealing with a physical or psychological injury. It maps the process of recovery as the body reacts to trauma, and the way it can become stronger as a result. Some artists in the past perceived art as a way of exorcising inner tumult, and sharing part of it with the viewer in order to make a statement. The pieces are essentially stylized skin grafts, that strive to convey through colour, texture, and dramatic contrast, a sense of personal tension and transformation. Most of them have an eye-tricking effect that is meant to create mystery and provoke inquiry. 


2015 –  The Willowdale Painting Excellence Award

2007 – Painting Composition Award at the National Art Contest “From Real to Surreal”, (Bucharest,Ro)

2006 - Guinness World Records Award “Longest painting” (3.5km)

2001 - 3rd place Award / Exhibition at Apanova International Painting competition  (Bucharest, Ro)